Mission, Vision, Principles


The Meyer Business on the Frontlines Program believes that there is dignity in work and everyone has the power to contribute to society. The program uses the dynamism of business to address complex and challenging issues like poverty, violence and exclusion that undermine societies, economies and security. MBA and other graduate students explore barriers to work and advance skills in empathy and ethnographic research while partnering with organizations to develop pragmatic solutions that create jobs or set the conditions for economic growth. Through this experience, students embark on a journey of discovery to broaden their world view and envision new possibilities.  


Building on student-partner relationships and collaboration, the Meyer Business on the Frontlines Program extends its understanding of challenging and complex global issues into research. By contributing powerful insights and ideas, the program advocates for inclusion, stability and economic growth for the most vulnerable in our world.

Guiding Principles

  • Serving is foundational.

  • Providing value beyond the classroom.

  • Impacting students and partners.

  • Moving from individuals to a team.

  • Balancing strategy and operations with function and risk.