By the end of a Business on the Frontlines course, students have defined a problem in uncertain environments from often ambiguous information, worked effectively and professionally in different cultural environments and made an impact on business and stability related problems. The experience of working closely with local partners is transformational, moving students to develop increased sensitivity toward the impact of business in a challenge-ridden society.

Twelve people in green protective suits and gloves pose for a photo in front of a mural featuring a dove before going to see bee hives in Colombia.

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Our Approach

    Deep Dive

    Complex problems must be approached from multiple angles and considered in the unique context of each community. We tackle the complex challenges driving each project by considering how different theories and perspectives might inform the particulars of each context. In-class sessions cover economics, philosophy, political science, law, peace studies, and business perspectives.

    In Community

    Mid-semester, teams travel to their partner communities. Although much research can be accumulated early, the time in the community provides the most opportunities for fact-finding and research. The concept is for a total immersion into a complex situation, at the end of which the Frontlines team will present a tentative recommendation to the community partner.

    Deliver and Reflect

    During this stage, students and faculty have the opportunity to individually and communally digest the experience. It involves documenting project work delivering recommendations to partners and reflection. What do we think now, given our in-community experiences, about the topics we discussed in class prior to departure?