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    Lessons on Kinship

    "The way you see the world depends on where you stand. These words, made of hand-cut letters on bright construction paper, adorned the front wall of Room 113 and served as our classroom motto..."

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    The Honduran Dream

    "'What do you want to be when you grow up?' This is a question often asked to many children, including to the younger version of me. But there are so many of us who grapple with what our life pursuits should be well beyond our childhood years. It’s difficult to follow one’s calling, but perhaps it’s even more difficult to find it to begin with."

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    Finding Empathy and Common Solutions

    "There can be no more complex environment to think about how business can create social and economic impact than in war-torn countries..."

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    Put Your Relationships First

    "Our team of five traveled to Ghana and worked with Newmont Mining, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, to address a vitally important question: What is a corporation’s obligation to repair or help the communities disrupted by gold mining?"

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    These are Real People with Real Problems

    “To be able to take the framework that we learned in Mendoza and the framework that BOTFL then ingrains in us further, and actually apply that to something that’s really making a difference in people’s lives, it’s huge...”

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    Learning to be a Force for Good

    “To make the world a better place using the skills that are afforded me as a business professional: That is what drives me at my work now, and I very much want that to be the primary driver of the rest of my career..."

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