Projects and Partners

Frontlines projects focus on agriculture, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, education, finance, tourism and technology. Since 2008, Frontlines teams have worked on 90 projects in more than 35 countries. By the estimates of one of our partners, thousands of people now have livelihoods that would not have had opportunities had it not been for our work in the field.

Meyer Business on the Frontlines partners can be international NGOs such as Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps and World Vision. Or they are multinational corporations like Accenture, Newmont Mining and General Electric. Our team has also partnered with tribal governments and the military. 

We all share a clear stake in developing long-term stability and robust communities and a drive to generate ideas to address complex issues that undermine societies, economies and security. We work with partners with whom we have a common value system and who want to eliminate poverty, violence and exclusion with business and economic development innovations.

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